Supply, installation and commissioning of Electrically Operated Lifting barrier.

Supply, installation and commissioning of Electrically Operated Lifting barrier with drive mechanism with push button control panel, boom locking arrangement with hand generator.

  1. Supply, installation and commissioning of Electrically Operated Lifting barrier assembly complete with drive mechanism, motors etc. with push button type control panel, boom locking arrangement, crank handle complete with hand generator as per RDSO specification No. RDSO/SPN/208/2012 or latest.
    Both the Booms shall be as per RDSO Drg. No. RDSO/S11600 of GI boom in octagonal shape with tempering cross section with telescopic structure. The total length of the boom shall be decided by site engineer and Maximum 4 sections joined by nut and bolts) operating voltage of the gate should be 24V DC.
    Tool kit consisting of standard size of wrench / spanner and Allen keys should also be supplied with each set (02nos) of ELB.
    This include additional Boom- 1 complete set (two nos.) as spare.
  2. Supply of one complete set of spares for Electrically Operated Lifting barrier assembly as per RDSO specification No. RDSO/SPN/208/2012 or latest as per a comprehensive list as below, any additional part required (if any) is to be added in list by BIDDER (individual price offer is to be submitted with detailed specification / part no.):
    Pedestal Gear box – 2 Nos.
    Pedestal Motor – 2 Nos.
    Pedestal Wiring Plate – 2 Nos.
    Boom each section – 8 Nos.
    Slider channel – 4 Nos.
    Stop Plate – 2 Nos.
    Boom light – 2 Nos.
    Lock post Motor – 2 Nos.
    Lock post wiring plate – 2 Nos.
    Control panel gear box – 1 No.
    Control panel motor – 1 No.
    Control panel wiring plate – 1 No.
    Lift weight plate – 20 Nos.
    TSL reserves its right to place supply order for rectification of existing LC gate of complete spare set or individual selected parts based on joint inspection of successful bidder and RITES / TSL.
  3. Supply of Visual Display Unit (VDU) along with IPC (Industrial Processing Computers) Workstation. This include lifetime licensed OS and software with warranty for 1 year at least. Workstation shall be a desktop (Reputed make) with following configuration:
    a. Industrial grade PC of repute make capable of working continuously.
    b. Intel Pentium IV @.3.06 GHz, CPU with 1 MB Cache and 1 GB DDR2- 667 MHz dual Channel SDRAM upgradeable up to 4.0 GB OR with latest configuration.
    c. 160 GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s
    d. Parallel ATA to serial ATA converter [two serial ports]
    e. Optical drive Dual Layer DVD+_RW/+_R
    f. I/O interfaces: [1] 6-in-1 Digital Media Reader slot, [1] IEEE 1394 port, [1]
    g. S-video port, [1] VGA port, [1] Port Replicator connector, [1], any other Display Port like HDMI or DVI as required.
    h. Headphone port / Sockets for 3.5 mm jack of speaker / Headphone etc, [1]
    i. External Microphone, [1] AC power connector, [1] RJ-11, [1] RJ-45 [3] USB 2.0 port. [ 2 + 2]
    j. Logitech or equivalent USB full size keyboard. [should be dust & water proof]
    k. Logitech or equivalent USB optical scroll mouse, three buttons.
    l. MTBF figures: Not less than 101, 713 Hours
    m. Operating Temperature zero degree Centigrade to 60 degree Centigrade [32 degree F to 140 degree F]
    n. Humidity 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing.
    o. Heavy duty steel, 19” Rack mount 4U chassis
    p. Cooling Fan, Air filter. Vibration: 1.5G Max and 0.1” p-p at 5 to 500 Hz.
    q. Shock: 10G peak acceleration [10m/Sec]
    r. EMI: FCC Class A and E
    s.Only standard branded OEM product is accepted. Assembled or unbranded equipment shall not be considered for evaluation.
    t. Operating System – Windows 7 professional or latest OS with latest Service Pack update, Anti-Virus with three (3) years subscription. Suitable EI system software is to be installed from OEM.
    u. The Industrial grade PC [IPC] must ensure that all IPC components are carefully selected and checked for electromagnetic compatibility [EMC], temperature resistant and resistant to vibration. The heavy-duty enclosure / chassis must protect the PC from the environmental disturbance like dust, EMI, temperature and vibration, etc.
    v. Inspection by Consignee.
    w. Warranty – – one year with extended warranty of two years.
    x. The contractor shall supply the above system as per the latest / higher configuration along with latest software available in market and as per latest RDSO Guidelines / Specifications.
    y. Vendor to provide detailed technical specifications / catalog of the industrial computer (including make and model number of workstation components) at time of tendering.
  4. Supply and installation of Monitor – 55” LED Screen or higher (as required by the manufacturer of EI system) of Sony / LG / SAMSUNG make, Installation of VDU in M.S frame will be in scope of BIDDER, MS Frame to be designed as per advice of site engineer.
  5. Supply, Installation and commissioning of 1.5 KVA On-line UPS of APC make or equivalent (with purchaser approval only), with back up minimum 02 hrs.. This includes supervision and coordination with OEM / Railways / RITES.