Re-routing of S&T system of TATA Cabins

The S&T system rerouting of Signaling , Power & Communication Cables for Under pass in between Gate No 4 (Near Cabin B S&T building) of TATA STEEL Kalinganagar (in the ‘B’ cabin yard) has been successfully commissioned.

  1. Digging of 1 M deep and 0.3 M wide trench & Digging 0.3 Mtr. deep and 0.3 Mtr wid ( Road cutting).
  2. Trenching in hard rocky area, after cut & Track / road crossing by horizontal work.
  3. Laying of DWC pipes & Laying of S&T cables of various cores , power cable , OFC through HDPE duct & Laying of 40/33mm dia.
  4. Termination of outdoor cables.
  5. Excavation of pit, casting of concrete foundations for full location.
  6. Cement concrete work for miscellaneous items & Providing brick massonary.
  7. Making straight through joint on 24 fiber OFC.
  8. Supply and Installation of Earth electrode.
  9. Dismantling of signaling gears.
  10. Testing and commissiong all gears.